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ENERGYAUDITS.COM – America’s fully searchable database of certified Energy Auditors, Energy Raters and Home Performance Contractors. We’ve verified their credentials; now you can review their customer satisfaction ratings. Each of these certified professionals are trained to assess and/or remediate your home as a system, based on sound building science principles and following proven test protocols. 

Our Goals:

1.     Enable HOMEOWNERS, REALTORS and BUILDERS to easily find highly qualified, certified energy auditors/raters and remedial construction help

2.     Explain what an energy audit involves, and what should be included

3.     Help you:
*Save on your energy bills
*Improve your home comfort and air quality
*Discover tax credits and state deductions that you may qualify for
*Reduce your carbon footprint

You desire energy efficiency; but every home is different! How do know if you need air sealing, insulation, new HVAC, new windows, a solar water heater or panels? The first step is to have a comprehensive diagnostic energy audit. Your detailed report will help you prioritize the changes you should make to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Having met many of the professionals listed here, we are confident they will provide their services for you in an ethical manner. Each company listed is certified by either RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) and/or BPI (Building Performance Institute) through training, national written exams and field tests and has been verified by EnergyAudits.com so you can buy with confidence. (test)



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ENERGY REBATES AND TAX INCENTIVES: State, local, utility and federal incentives and policies about renewable energy and energy efficiency. Just click on your state!

Do you have a "cool roof"?  A solar-reflective coating achieves energy efficiency gains by reflecting the sun's rays and blocking heat, decreasing summertime utility bills by about 25%. Not a candidate for the reflective coating? Don't worry, an energy auditor can suggest other radiant heat barriers to help reduce your energy costs.

Is your city in the "Top 25"? Check out the EPA's list of U.S. metropolitan areas with the largest number of buildings that earned EPA's ENERGY STAR in 2009

Energy Professionals: learn more about the Home Star program 

The Dept. of Energy has an informative website detailing Recovery Act funding


INSULATION: how much, where and what type is right for your house?

A Carbon Footprint Calculator--how does your home add up? 

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